The A-B-C Approach To Social Media Marketing That Works.

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Hi, I’m Pearl Omotoyinbo ...

I’ve got a Video Training for you called " The ABC Approach To Social Media Marketing" that’s going to help you specifically with designing an effective social media strategy that works on any social media platform of your choice.

If you’ve been struggling with not knowing how to Engage your audience and Sell To Them, then you need this Video Training because, among other things, it reveals a 3 step formula designed specifically to turn fans into paying customers, so you can design an effective social media strategy almost immediately...

Just click the orange button at the bottom of  this page. Let me know your email address, pay a token fee of $37 and I’ll send the "The ABC Approach To Social Media Marketing" on any social media platform out to you instantly via email...

What's the Catch...
There’s no catch. I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many people as I can. and yes, it's Black Friday.

All I need for you to do is click the orange button at the bottom of this page, and I’ll send it out instantly.!

Even if you don't love it right now, you can still keep your access to the Video Training and get value from it in the future.

Here's what you are getting and why
So just to recap, you’re getting this Video Training - "The ABC Approach To Social Media Marketing" - that will help you with designing an effective social media strategy showing you how to engage your audience and sell to them on any social media platform (including a 3 step formula designed specifically to turn fans into paying customers).

In addition you will also receive:
=> The Video slides (PDF),
=> Social Media Daily Action Guide & Resource List.

Just click the orange button at the bottom of this page. Let me know your email address, and I’ll send it out instantly.
Isn't that awesome! After reading that I got so excited, I wanted to see behind the scenes on EVERY page, what Russell had done...

So, I went to the website, and started to buy the product, so I could see all of the pages in his funnel...

But the problem, was depending on what I purchased, I saw different things. I got a glimpse of what he was doing, but I wasn't able to see the whole thing. 

So I asked Russell if he's be willing to show me behind the scenes of his funnel, and show me EVERY page, what they did, why he did them in that order, what he had tested that worked... and what he did that didn't work. 

Knowing that Russell charges $3,500 for a 1 hour consult on the phone, I didn't think I was going to hear back...

But what happened next shocked me. 

I got an email back from Russell, and the subject line said:
Funnelology 101
What..? What was this? 

I nervously opened the email, and what I found inside literally changed my business forever.

Not only did Russell open up EVERYTHING and show me EXACTLY what he had done, and why... 

He recorded a mini course showing me every page... every step in the funnel - What he had done, and why.  

He also went on to show me WHERE he got his traffic, how much it costs and more!

He literally HANDED me a blueprint, that I could plug ANY product into, and see almost instant success!

He asked me to keep this mini course a secret, because he didn't want it passed around free on forums and message boards.

But I asked him if I could make it available to a few of my faithful subscribers.  

I had to twist his arm a bit, but finally he said YES!!! (with just a few rules)

1st) I couldn't show it to everyone - only people who are serious about growing a company online.

2nd) I couldn't give it away free - people I show it to HAVE to make some type of token investment.
"If they aren't willing to invest something in their business, then no matter what we show them, they'll never actually value it."
said Russell...

So, I asked him if I could sell it to a select few people, for just $7.  

After hesitating a bit, he agreed, but with ONE caveat... that he could pull my license to resell this video training at anytime for any reason.

So, there you are... 

Right now you've got a once in a lifetime shot....

To get access to his Funnelology 100 product, a virtual blueprint that he currently making him over $500k PER MONTH... for just $7. 

Is it worth it?  

Well, considering he $3,500 an hour consulting fee breaks down to about $58 a minute...

I think that $7 what you're getting here is a steal. 

But you've got to act now, because this very limited offer could be gone at any time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the "Add To Cart" button now.

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"A-B-C Approach To Social Media Marketing"

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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $37, you're getting The ABC Approach To Social Media Marketing (Video course) - and Video slides (PDF) and Social Media Daily Action Guide Resource List (PDF)
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