Love… An Internet Marketers P.O.V.

So I had this post prepared for the day after Val’s day and just never got to publishing it. I saw this on my Facebook timeline and I’m like, “ohhhh how sweet!”. Then I thought, “I’d like to share this with my readers.” But first off…

black coupleOne major thing I really admire about owning your own business is Time Freedom. It takes the pressure off you. Then you have multiple streams of income and you go, “can it get any better?” The answer is YES. It’s a challenge to want to become better, wiser and much more skillful than you were yesterday…and that is very self fulfilling but you have got to decide for yourself if that is what you really want and make it your dominant thought, then go for it.

When I read the post I just had to think, “my readers here, they’d definitely want to see this.” It’s rather long so I will have a sequel.
So let’s get to it.