5 steps on how to create a Mobile App without learning to code

appsIt is going to be a real chore keeping awake during work hours today. I really wanted to hold up my end of the bargain and let’s just say the day would be incomplete if my blog doesn’t have a new post on it. I am getting addicted to this. Lord may I never recover! But if I don’t get paid this month, guess who I am going to blame?

So why am I here? Well almost everyone seems to have the notion, “I don’t know how to code, therefore mobile apps are beyond my reach.” The assumption is bogus because first off, I have a degree in English Language, no background knowledge in the IT industry, but what has kept me going is a desire to learn and dominate the mobile app market in Nigeria. In a bid to help debunk that knowledge as well as share my dreams with you, in hope that someone will run along with me, I am going to share my blueprint with you. How I learnt to build mobile apps without the knowledge of any programming language and trust me when I say you can do it to.

In the future I willing to teach a group of about 10 -15 people who are interested in learning more about the mobile app market and how to monetize it, but the details of that will be given at a little later date.

Before I go bouncing from one story to the other, I suggest you shut me up by pressing play.

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